NRA supports banning bump stocks

As if the massive hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes threatening to erupt haven’t already given the last few months an apocalyptic air, now comes news that the NRA has told Republican members of Congress that they are supportive of additional regulation for “…devises designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles…

GOP tiptoes into gun restriction debate, with NRA blessing

WASHINGTON — The National Rifle Association gave Republicans a green light to review whether a device used by the Las Vegas shooter should be made illegal. It was a surprising turn for the gun lobby, one of the most powerful organizations in U.S. politics, and it allows congressional Republicans to consider banning the “bump stock,” which… Continue reading “NRA supports banning bump stocks”

Las Vegas Gun Laws: Open Carry, Machine Guns Legal

Nevada has some of the most-relaxed gun laws in the country, a legislative condition that is sure to come under renewed scrutiny n the wake of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history on Sunday night in Las Vegas. Nevada law does not require firearms owners to have licenses, register their weapons, or limits the number… Continue reading “Las Vegas Gun Laws: Open Carry, Machine Guns Legal”

Don’t Panic

Mental illness and gunsI’ve been seeing this article getting passed around on social media, but the situation isn’t as alarming as some think. The bottom line is that the rule they want to repeal went into effect in December of last year – only 10 weeks ago. Even if the regulation is repealed, anyone who would would have been blocked from buying a gun 3 months ago will still be blocked from buying one.

As for the rule itself, what it did was require Social Security to notify the FBI of anyone receiving disability checks who had been determined to be too mentally ill to manage their own affairs, so that they could be flagged during background checks. While this would make it easier to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks, we will still have all of the other ways we’ve used to screen out the mentally ill from gun ownership. That won’t be changing.

So, yes, it’s a good regulation, but it’s repeal won’t mean that we’ll suddenly be flooded with mentally ill people buying guns unchecked or anything like that. It’ll just be going back to how we handled it as of November.