Interview with Rush’s Alex Lifeson @ Classic Rock Awards

Alex Lifeson Interview with Music Radar

Turn Your Kid into a Rush Nerd in 5 Easy Steps

Not only is this piece a great introduction to Rush – both for kids of nerdy parents and for nerdy adults (parents or not) who have yet to discover Rush for themselves – it also includes a clip of Alex Lifeson’s acceptance speech from their recent (and obscenely belated) induction into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. If you have not seen his speech yet, you must. If you are at all familiar with the band’s history, you will find it has it positively hilarious!

Turn Your Kid into a Rush Nerd in 5 Easy Steps (via

Progressive rock has always been the domain of the nerd. Since it was first established in the ‘70s by rock musicians looking to inject their songs with a higher level of musicianship and lyricism a bit more challenging than “I love you, baby,”…

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Alex Lifeson Kidney Foundation PSA

I’ve been a major Rush fan most of my life, and like to keep up what the guys from the band are doing in their public lives. About 10 years ago guitarist Alex Lifeson lost his father to kidney disease, and since then he has been quite active in trying to raise aZwareness and money to fight the condition. He has had a number of paintings auctioned off over the years and now has produced a PSA to help that people learn what conditions can put you greater risk for it.

I remember hearing about when his father passed away, and it was clear that it was quite devastating event for Alex. He’s said “A little over [ten] years ago, my father passed away after two very difficult years of failing health. Both his kidneys ceased to operate and he was on dialysis for over two years. Many times, he was nearly lost during his dialysis and it was heartbreaking to watch his demise, and that’s why this is especially important to me.”

Since he went to the trouble of making the spot, I thought I – as a fan – should share with you. 😀