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Welcome to Shadows in Wonderland!

To help make this place somewhere that people would like to visit and participate in, there are rules regarding comments. My goal is to avoid moderating if at all possible, but I do have some expectations.

1. You may criticize each other’s opinions and challenge each other’s positions, but you may not criticize each other personally or engage in flaming.

2. Bigotry is unwelcome here, as is any kind of hate speech. This includes demeaning people based on negative stereotypes – for example, insinuating that two people of the same gender who are working closely together or seem to spend a lots of time together “must” be gay, or judging the contents of someone’s character based on their race, appearance, economic status, disability or other such external factors.

3. Do not compare anything to the Nazis. Not only is it almost always a gross overstatement, every time we compare the Nazis to something that is nowhere near their level of evil we cheapen the horror of what they did and minimize the memory of it – which is something we can ill-afford as a species to do. So, if whatever you’re talking about didn’t start a world war, try to wipe an entire race off the face of the Earth and succeed in killing 6 million of them, it is NOT comparable to the Nazis.

4. While I firmly support the First Amendment, this site is not run by the government, so it doesn’t apply here. If you feel I have moderated you in error or inappropriately, you are welcome to contact me at and I will gladly discuss it with you – but please don’t try to claim that I’m denying you your First Amendment rights.

These rules may be modified or added to if needed, but hopefully they won’t even need to be used at all.

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