Welcome Shadows in Wonderland!

Like most blogs, this is just my little corner on the web where I post things I find interesting. Granted, what I find interesting some people might find kind of strange – true crime stories, security, intelligence and spy work, epidemics and how diseases are discovered and (hopefully) eradicated, politics and keeping an eye on the wingnuts. I also like to dive into conspiracy theory debunking, love reading and discussing books from various genres and who knows what else might strike my fancy. I hope that you’ll find some of these things interesting and want to come along on these little explorative mental trips I like to take.

Also, while you may see some ads in articles that I’ve reposted from elsewhere, those ads do not benefit me – they benefit the original publisher of the article. I do not have any paid advertising on the site, though I do include my Amazon affiliate ID in the links to Amazon books that I review. I just thought you should know.

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