In the interest of dIsclosure, you should know that I get about half off the books I read free through NetGalley and buy the rest myself. How I got the book has little to no effect on my opinion of the book, however, as I generally can’t remember which ones I bought in which ones I got free.

You may notice that many of my reviews are positive ones. The main reason for this is that if I’m not enjoying a book, I have a very hard time finishing it. I don’t think it’s fair to either the reader or the author to Write what might look like a full review on a partial book. So I have a section here called The Graveyard where I can post comments on books I’ve started but were unable to finish. Just keep in mind that since I hadn’t finished the book, it’s possible that the book gets better and I just didn’t read far enough to get to that point.

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