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You know, it says a lot about these groups and their cause that they are so desperate to lie about them that they’ll take their case to the Supreme Court. Obviously, they know their message would go nowhere if they had to tell the truth so lying is something of a necessity for them, but does that mean that they should have the right to lie?

This suit specifically addresses lying in campaign ads about what the person they’re wanting to see defeated believes and has done. I have a real problem with that. Electing our leaders it’s one of the most important things we do as citizens, and decisions that important should be based on the truth. It’s bad enough when candidates and their supporters lie about themselves, but – to me – lying about an opponent is worse, as it forces them to waste their time and money trying to combat those lies (which, of course, it’s half the point…)

In the end, you wind up with an ill-informed populace trying to pick it’s leaders while stumbling through a thick fogbank of lies and distractions – hardly the best way to shape the future of our nation.

One thing I do wish, though, is that this suit would garner considerable publicity so that people would know that these groups and their affiliates plan to lie to them. At least they’d then know just how little credibility they deserve.

Supreme Court to rule on anti-choice group’s right to lie in ads (via Raw Story )

The U.S. Supreme Court announced on Friday that it is preparing to hear a challenge to an Ohio law prohibiting candidates and political groups from making false statements in campaign advertising. According to Huffington Post, anti-choice group the…

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