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Before this current flap with Phil Robertson, pretty much the only thing I knew about “Duck Dynasty” is that it existed. I’ve never watched it – I have no interest. But once Robertson went and stepped his foot in it, it became a bit more difficult to ignore. Aside from all the graphics denouncing Robertson or pointing out the hypocrisy of the right wingers who wanted Martin Bashir fired after he made inappropriate comments about Sarah Palin but are now up in arms over Robertson being suspended for making inappropriate comments about gays in general, the main thing I heard was just how much of a bunch of fakes the Duck Dynasty family are.

It turns out that prior to becoming “reality” TV stars as a bunch of backwoods rednecks, they were a fairly normal yuppie family. In the video below, atheist video blogger CultOfDusty first tears apart a lot of the hypocrisy of the family and their loudly proclaimed Christian values, and then goes in for the kill on their image change. The video is a bit on the longish side, but well worth watching all the way through. It is harder on Christians in general that I think is necessary – most Christians I know are good people trying to live by the tenets of their faith and are disgusted by the modern day Pharisees who are abusing their faith and using it as a cover for their political goals – but he does make a few good points. Also, Dusty swears a lot so best not to watch this at work or around tender ears.

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