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I’ve been a fan of MasterChef since the first season, and in the third season I knew it was almost inevitable that Christine Ha Woodwynn (and she definitely deserved to do so) but part of me was really pulling for Josh Marks to win, largely because he had come across as such a really nice guy (And, of course, his food look yummy, too.)

So it was with the shock and sadness that I learned today he had killed himself over the weekend. Apparently, he has been struggling with bipolar disorder, and earlier this year was arrested for assaulting a police officer. At the time of that incident, he claimed that he had been possessed by Gordon Ramsay who had made him God. According to the article below, he had just recently been diagnosed as schizophrenic as well, and apparently was unable to handle a second diagnosis of a mental illness.

From Bossip.com:

Update: “MasterChef” Finalist Josh Marks Diagnosed With Schizophrenia 24 Hours Before Committing Suicide (via http://celeboftea.com)

By deolacola Mental health problems are very real, especially in the African-American community… Josh Marks Diagnosed With Schizophrenia Before Committing Suicide Via TMZ reports: “Masterchef” star Josh Marks was diagnosed with schizophrenia 24…

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